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Why Are Casino Winnings Taxable In Singapore? Is It Actually True?

Singapore is not pretty famous as Monte Carlo or Vegas, but it also has excellent gambling. The place does not have numerous casinos, but the glamour of all three casinos gives a delightful experience to gambling lovers. The Lion City of the world’s leading banking capitals has three unique casinos named Marina bay sands casino, resort World Sentosa Casino and Aegean Paradise Cruise Casino. You can become a millionaire by playing in all these three casinos. 

Their ambiance is awe-inspiring, and the gambling present is entirely action-packed. Are you ready to know about the best casinos in Singapore? We will also find out are the winnings taxable in Singapore? So let us begin to learn about fantastic casinos.

Are Casino Winnings Taxable In Singapore
Are Casino Winnings Taxable In Singapore

Singapore Casino Information

Singapore is a place where the first legal betting platform was launched in 1968. The gambling of the lottery has created a way to curb illegal gambling in the country. L people made it their profession, and Singapore started ruling in Gambling games. With some top-notch casinos and entertainment booster Gambling games, Singapore stands among the top countries for gambling. All three is casinos of Singapore stand out in their ambiance and winnings. 

The history of the club in Singapore starts in 1842. You can play and enjoy yourself with your family at the beautiful casinos of Singapore. There are specific guidelines that one needs to follow to gamble in Singapore. One of the particular gambling rules is that you can make a maximum bet of up to 5% of your property. All these rules are made for the convenience of gamblers.

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Are Casino Winnings Taxable In Singapore
Are Casino Winnings Taxable In Singapore

Singapore casinos

The top 3 Singapore casinos have luxurious rooms, beautiful ambiance, VIP zones, and facilities. Find out other details about them:

  • Marina bay sands Casino: This casino is located at ten bayfront Avenue in Singapore. The casino has an area of 15000 square feet, and the ambiance is extraordinary. With a luxurious space along with 500 gambling machines, 1600 slots, and 30 private gambling rooms, the casino has areas for a non-smoker. What else can be demanded from a Casino?
  • Resort World Sentosa Casino is the first casino in Singapore and is located in Resort World Sentosa. The casino has Asia’s largest gambling operators with a jaw-dropping entertainment, interior design, and food junction. This casino stands among the prominent sophisticated casinos, and you can get an unrivaled experience of games here.
  • Aegean Paradise cruise Casino: It is counted as the best casino in Singapore. It has both night and day gambling sessions, and you can enjoy the beautiful view of the cruise on this ship. There are plenty of Gambling games on this cruise, and you can win in millions. This was the complete detail about multiple casinos available in Singapore.
Are Casino Winnings Taxable In Singapore
Are Casino Winnings Taxable In Singapore

Gambling in Singapore

Singapore is a state where you can gamble and win millions. Let us see what the gambling options available for the gamblers in Singapore are:

Table games

There is a fantastic range of table games in the multiple casinos of Singapore. As we know, Singapore is a global financial service center that offers visitors a multi-culture diverse population. The diverse population of Singapore loves table games. Table games such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack and so on are the traditional Casino games, and it is loved by 60% of Singaporeans.

The casino in Singapore holds its name in the top 5 rank casinos globally, behind the United States, Macau, and Canada. The opening of Casino in Singapore was a big revolution, and it makes the country more exciting. People of Singapore play table games such as Blackjack and Roulette to spend their millions. Also, they have an opportunity to grab more money by playing these exciting games.

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Are Casino Winnings Taxable In Singapore
Are Casino Winnings Taxable In Singapore

Slots machines

All the casinos of Singapore have more than 1000 slots in which people have won the jackpot. The slots machines are kept well organized, which makes the ambiance look more beautiful and fun. Gamblers from all over the world love to play slots as Singapore has more than 1000 variations. Singapore casinos operate VIP gambling passes which make the environment better.

When you play in VIP areas, you win more, and you additionally get luxury. What else do you want you to have both money as well as fame. Both low rollers and high rollers can play multiple slots of Singa pore casinos.

Other games

There are multiple other games such as craps, lotteries, keno, and so on. The Republic of Singapore is the Island City of Southern Malaysia that hosts two large casinos. Also, there is a state-run lottery system known as the Singapore pool and a housing track. Both of them are entertainment providers. So overall, the gambling at Singapore casinos is full of entertainment.

Are Casino Winnings Taxable In Singapore
Are Casino Winnings Taxable In Singapore

Pros and cons of Singapore

There are multiple pros and cons when you play at the casinos of Singapore.


  • You get ultimate luxury by playing in Singapore casinos.
  • You can win in millions when you play at Singapore casinos.
  • Multiple games are available, so you have a variety to play.


  • Playing casino in Singapore is not healthy for your pocket.
  • You might get addicted to the casinos of Singapore.

These were the pros and cons of playing at the casinos of Singapore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the winnings taxable in Singapore?

A: According to gambling laws, the winnings in Singapore are not taxable. There is a rule that one can bet only up to 5% of the property they have. But the winnings in Singapore are not taxable. Winning a lottery or any other gambling game is not considered a permanent income; thus, there is no specific tax.

Q: Is Singapore a worthwhile place to play in casinos?

A: Yes, Singapore is a worthwhile place where you can play and enjoy. The gambling is luxurious, and the ambiance is jaw-dropping. You can have fun with your family and friends at this casino.

Q: Do gambling winnings are counted as income?

A: No, the gambling winnings of casinos are not usually counted as income. Unless you are not a professional Gambler, these incomes are not calculated and hence not taxable.

Are Casino Winnings Taxable In Singapore
Are Casino Winnings Taxable In Singapore

We have provided you with all details about the casinos in Singapore, and the point that the casinos of Singapore are not taxable is also evident. So now you can play in the luxurious casino of Singapore. The gambling experience is full of fun in Singapore, and you can play multiple games the details are with you. So what are you waiting for? Start to play with your family and friends.


The casinos of Singapore are the true definition of luxury, and you can win millions by playing in this casino. However, it would help not make gambling your profession as it is not pocket-friendly. Excess of everything and especially gambling is terrible for your bag. But, you can play in regulated time to win easily. It was all about gambling in the casinos of Singapore.

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