8 Ball Pool Guidelines Rules, Tips & Tricks7 min read

8 Ball Pool Guidelines, Rules, Tips & Tricks

8 ball pool is the best and the top billiard game played all over the world online. Miniclip created it in October 2010. This game is accessible on both your android, ios, web, etc. You can enjoy this game with your friends and can earn coins by beating each other. The 8 ball pool guidelines are not the same as the other pool. Instead, it is somewhat unique in its own way. You can play an 8 ball pool with the help of a cue stick.

The 8 ball pool is genuine and realistic. The 8 ball pool is easy to play and can even be played by beginners. There are over 2 Billion downloaded for 8 ball pools, and millions of players every day play it. You can check its rating on google play for your inner satisfaction. The 8 ball pool holds a rating of 4.5/5. 

8 ball pool guidelines

8 ball pool can be installed on your PC from the App Store and can be played either on Facebook or Miniclip. Each player in the 8 ball pool has its own diverse profile along with an individual id. This profile gives detailed information regarding your position in the game, game score, win streak, winning rate, and more. The 8 ball pool symbol highlight helps you to refresh your profile symbols and purchase them. Here we will be providing you with details about 8 ball pool guidelines, learn them and win more rewards!

 Guidelines to Play 8 Ball Pool

The 8 ball pool guidelines consist of games and the way to play them. 8 ball pool game is played on a pool table of standard size with 6 pockets. Various 8 ball pool championships are played around the world. 8 ball pool is more famous than the 9 ball pool and is the first choice of the players. You can play 8 ball pool as singles or doubles according to your preference. The 8 ball pool is played with the help of 16 balls, cues, 15 object balls, and one cue ball. As compared to billiards and games of snooker, the 8 ball pool is comparatively fast. 

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Objects of the game

Explained in very simple words, the main aim or object of the 8 ball pool is to pot all solids or striped balls and then pot 8 balls to win the game. Several games are played with a “best out of” format, and to win the game, and you need to be consistent in every round. To win the match, players need to use their skills and tactical nous. 

Players and Equipment

The equipment required to play 8 ball pools is given below. 

  • Table- The size of the table used to play 8 ball pool is 9 feet by 4.5 feet.
  • Balls-  To play 8 ball pool, the required no of balls is 16. Out of these 16 balls, there is one white cue ball, 7 striped balls, 7 solid balls, and one black ball (8 balls). 
  • Cues- Cues are made up of wood, fibreglass, carbon fibre which are used for striking the cue ball.
  • Chalk- Players chalk their end of a cue to maintain the proper contact between the balls and the cue.


In an 8 ball pool, there is nothing called score. Players simply pot the object balls, followed by potting the 8 balls into the chosen pocket. To win the match, you are required to play and win most of the round. For example- in the 9 matches played, the player who won 5 matches at first will be the winner.

Conditions for winning the game

To win the 8 ball pool following conditions are required- 

  • A player wins the 8 ball pool only when he pots all the object balls first and then legally pots the 8 balls.
  • You win if the opponent player legally pots the 8 balls before their object ball
  • You win if the opposition knocks off the 8 balls of the table. 

Pros and Cons of Knowing 8 Ball Pool Game Guidelines


  • 8 ball pool game is simple and easy to learn
  • You will enjoy the fun gaming experience
  • You can play this game online anytime and anywhere


  • You might face immediate loss if you lose the game
  • You can stop the urge of playing the game and end up wasting your time
  • Using 8 ball pool hacks might ban your account
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Rules of the 8 Ball Pool Game

There is a specific set of rules to play the 8 ball pool. These rules have been given by the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA). These rules are for both amateurs and professionals. We have led down these sets of rules in the below paragraph. So! Stay on this page to know about the general set of rules.

  • Before starting the game, place the object balls in a triangular rack positioned at the lower end of the table. Make sure the apex ball of the rack lies on the foot spot. You can place the object balls randomly except the black ball, which is the 8 ball. The 8 balls should be placed in the middle of the 3rd row, and the white cue ball should be placed behind the service line. 
  • The player who gets the chance to choose whether to break will be decided by tossing the coin. Then the break is taken in turns. 
  • For a legal break, players are required to hit the balls in such a manner that the 4 balls hit cushions, and the cue ball should not go down the pocket. In case the 8 balls are potted on the break, the players are asked to the re- rack. 
  • The player who 1st pot an object ball is required to continue to pot the balls from the same category. That is- solid or striped, and the opposition player will pot the other group of balls. 
  • Players will continue to pot the balls until they foul or fail to pot the balls. If the player fails to pot the balls, then the chance will be given to the opponent player, and the game continues in the same manner. 
  • If one of the players makes the foul, then the opponent player has a chance to play the cue ball anywhere on the table. There are different kinds of fouls in the 8 ball pool.

Some of the condition when it is said to be foul is: 8 Ball Pool Guidelines

  1. Fail to hit your own object ball
  2. If the player hits the cue ball off the table.
  3. If the player pots one of the opponent’s balls.
  4. A foul arises if the player hits the cue ball twice.
  5. Foul arises if you push the cue ball instead of striking it. 
  6. If the player takes the shot in another player’s turn.
  • After potting all the balls, the player must go to pot the 8 balls. Before potting the 8 balls, it is important to select the pocket to pot the 8 balls. If the player failed to pot the 8 balls in the selected pocket, then it’s the turn of the opponent player to pot the 8 balls. And if the player succeeds in potting the 8 balls, then that player will be the winner. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to win 8 ball pool game?

A: Here we are providing simple steps which can help you in winning 8 ball pool guidelines  :

  1. Inquire about the table before choosing
  2. Open the app regularly so don’t miss any promotional offers
  3. Get the best cue
  4. Shoot the ball quickly
  5. Focus on your aim

Q: Is 8 ball pool hacks works?

A: You will not find any hack working in God mode as the game data is saved on the server and you can’t hack it to win unlimited coins or free brawler boxes as server detect your fraudulent activities and block your account.

Q: Does the game have local multiplayer?

A: Yes! you can play with your friends or relatives as the game allow you to play local multiplayer while using offline mode


We have provided you with all the necessary information about 8 ball pool games and the guidelines you need to follow during the game. These strategies are helpful and simple rules will help you to know more about the game. The game is entertaining and gives the player a fantastic experience. You should try this game at least once, not for money but enjoy the fun experience of this game.


This article is useful for 8 ball pool lovers. It contains all the important 8 ball pool guidelines regarding the game which can’t be ignored. If you are a beginner and want to get some knowledge regarding 8 ball pools, then you can read this article for a better clue. 

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