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Living around Kansas City or visiting Kansas for some reason? Here’s a pro-tip for you to unwind and relax. The 7th Street Casino is the place to be if you love slot games, and do not mind being a part of a lively environment. The Kansas City Casino offers more than 600 slot games, which is higher than any other casino’s offerings in this region. Not just that, the casino provides an exceptional experience in hospitality, food, and drinks. You can check the Casino Cafe for breakfast, lunch, or dinner so the 7th Street Casino offers enough to spend the entire day in. Well, the 7th Street Casino is one of the best in the Midwest for many reasons. Check out more details below. 


The Casino claims that the payout it offers is the highest in the city, as a result of which people can spend more time playing without the fear of losing a lot of money. The 7th Street Casino provides a 95% payback that guarantees more time and payback for you, so fewer chances of having a bad day. The average hold of the casino is just 5.5%, a significant difference from the next smallest hold in another casino in the city, which is at 9%. So, if you are afraid of bad luck playing spoilsport but still love gambling, you may try playing at the 7th Street Casino. 

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On the website, you will also find a lot of images of people winning jackpots at this casino. The 7th Street Casino has more jackpots you can be a part of, and there have been winners from a few thousand dollars to more than a hundred thousand dollars too. However, before playing any Jackpot, know the rules thoroughly and the associated terms and conditions. 

Coming to slots, the 7th Street Casino has more than 575 slots you can try your hands in. These slot gaming machines are open all around the day and on all days of the week. The overall area of the gaming space is more than 20,000 square feet so rest assured, you will find enough slots and games to engage you and your group for an entire day. All these make the 7th Street Casino one of the best to try out in the country. 

Overall, the casino has 3 floors and beverage service is available on all the floors. Each floor also has coffee and soda stations that you can use yourself. 

Before planning a trip to the 7th Street Casino, check out if they have any tournaments running as well. More often, you will find tournaments being held throughout the year. That adds to the incentive of visiting there. 


The casino offers rich promotions almost throughout the month depending on the day and the occasion. The Motown Monday brings a feel of an old-school casino to the players, through the design and decor. The Retro Wednesday Promotions takes place every Wednesday from 5:30 PM to 10 PM. The Player-Oke, as well as No Limits Tuesdays, takes place on Tuesday at designated timings. Some promotions are available for the common public, while others are exclusive to the Lucky 7 Club. 

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You can sign up for the Lucky 7 Club for free. As a new member, you will receive a complimentary signup bonus, a chance to taste complimentary food, get entries to exclusive contests, bonus offers on occasions, and more. You can earn points by joining this club, which you can redeem for food, cash, and more. 

A tip – Check their website for the latest promotions running and the duration or rewards associated with it. There are always new promotions coming up!


The best amenity you can try at the casino is the dining experience it offers. The Cafe in the Casino offers a special meal package for the players every day that costs around $4.25 although that changes frequently. You can have pancakes for breakfast for as low as $2.50, along with a sandwich, bagel, cream, and cheese. You can also combo your food with salads and soups. 

Apart from the Cafe, there are two bars that you can drink in, The Shutter Bar and Zapper’s. The Zapper’s is known for its good collection of vintage drinks and can satisfy the old-school drinker. Even the nostalgic decor adds to that old-school experience you can have. On the other hand, The Shutter Bar has the Ice Tower Tap, which is only found here in the entire Kansas Metropolitan area. Apart from this, of course, you can taste a variety of modern and classical drinks here. 


The casino is easy to access once you visit Kansas City. It is located in the Historic Downtown District. It is just a few minute’s drive from the City Market, Power and Light District, and Sprint Center. There is a free shuttle service that runs to this casino round the clock. The Lucky 7 Club Members also get special parking on the premises of the casino. If you are from outside the town, you can stay at the nearby Hilton Garden Inn that provides star accommodation at affordable rates. If you want to travel by public transport, there is a Metro Bus Stop located right outside the main door of the casino. 

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7th Street Casino

It is because of the Casino Cafe, you do not have to worry about missing out on the slot games for meals. The cafe is open for all three meals of the day as well as late-night snacks that you can access anytime. You can take a break from playing and try out drinks from the renovated bars. But caution to drink responsibly as it can affect your gameplay and its experience. 

Overall, the 7th Street Casino is a great place if you are around Kansas and you prefer playing slot games over casino games. On top of it, the cafe is equipped enough to cater to all your culinary needs. It is easily accessible from within the city, and there are enough amenities in the casino and around the casino too. Overall, enjoy your time at the 7th Street Casino!

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