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Best Casino in Goa : Quick Introduction

When people want to enjoy the land-based casino in India, Goa remains the most preferred choice for casino lovers. You can enjoy the gaming experience in the best casino in Goa as it not only offers games but along with some fantastic food, drinks, and some relaxing music. According to the state regulation of gambling, playing casino games is legal in Goa. Goa is the best destination for people who enjoy gambling and playing at the casino. You can enjoy the experience as long as you want in Goa. Playing at a casino is the legal practice in Goa which means you don’t need to worry about anything.

Best casino in Goa

List of 15 Best Casino in Goa You Need to Know

If you plan to visit the state and search for the best casino in Goa, You are on the right page. We will here provide you with the list of the 15 best casinos in Goa from the numerous casino option that the city offers. Here we are enlisting the names along with a quick short review about that casino. So now, without any further delay, let’s move forward with the topic!

best casino in goa

S.no Best Casino in Goa
1 Deltin Royale Casino
2 Big Daddy Casino
3 Deltin Jaqk
4 Casino Carnival
5 Majestic Pride Casino
6 Casino Palms
7 Casino Paradise
8 Chances Casino
9 Crown Casino
10 Dunes- The Casino
11 Casino Strike
12 Big Daddy Jetty Casino
13 Grand 7 Casino
14 Casino Dice
15 Treasures Casino
  1.  Deltin Royale Casino

Deltin Royale casino is the most visited land-based casino in Goa which Deltin Group owns. The reason behind putting this casino first on the list of the best casino in Goa is because it is considered a “gamblers’ paradise.” They provide players gaming experience as a Las Vegas casino in Goa only. The Royal poker room available in this casino adds the cherry on the top of the cake and is fascinating for poker lovers.

If you love playing card games or Indian flushes, this casino has a particular Taash room in it for you. The casino is located in the Mandovi river. It doesn’t only take care of your choices for gaming, but at the same time, it also provides delightful food and drinks to the guests. The restaurant offers the most delicious buffet experience to many guests of the casino. The whisky lounge is arranged modern style and had a premium collection of single malts and hand-rolled cigars. The casino also has a deluxe suite for the players who want to stay in the casino and the game.

Deltin Royale

To make everything easy for you, we are providing quick details about casino location and entry fees. The casino is located in Mandovi River, Panjim, Goa, and the entry fee various from 2000 Rs per person from Monday to Thursday to 3,000 rupees Friday to Sunday. The price includes the charges of food buffet, drinks, music, and playing chips allotment. The casino is open for 24 hrs and all day. So you can enjoy the casino games here anytime you want

2) Big Daddy Casino

Big daddy casino is located in Mandovi River, Panjim, Goa. You can enjoy the gaming experience in this casino from 7 am to 8 pm if you enjoy the casino gaming experience. Big daddy casino is the must-visit place for you in goa as the casino offers a never-ending extraordinary gaming experience. The casino offers a great understanding of the high-live gaming experience and some great games that can help you win a jackpot any time of the day.

Big Daddy Casino
Big Daddy Casino

The incredible vibe of this casino is filled with melody beats of music and pleasant light, which makes you feel calm here. You can try your luck here by playing any games of your choice from the multiple options. The casino is considered as best casino in goa because this casino provides a perfect blend of all international and national games loved by a diverse gambling audience.

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3)Deltin Jaqk

Deltin jaqk is another land-based casino from the Deltin group’s only. The casino offers more than 350 gaming options, including Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, and Andar-Bahar. We promise you that you will enjoy the fantastic casino experience in this casino, and this is why we put it on our list of the best casino in goa.

Deltin Jaqk

The casino is located on the Goan River, Mandovi. The casino cruise of deltin jaqk is very popular worldwide. The casino offers the guest with complimentary buffet dinner and has excellent varieties of food. Aqua bar provides an exclusive range of drinks to enjoy. The casino has a dedicated children’s room to take care of each guest. The entry fee of this casino is rs 1500, and it includes a gaming chip worth 500 rs.

4) Casino Carnival

Casino carnival will provide you gaming experience full of enthusiasm and located in two places, one in Goa Marriott and the second location is Mandovi River, Panjim, Goa. The casino has offered something to all the players and gamblers of all age groups. The casino is dedicated to providing its guest with the best gaming experience. The entertainment deck available in casino carnival made them stand on the list of the best casino in goa. They entertain the guest of the casino by the mixed performance of local as well as international artists.

Casino Carnival

Additionally, it has the best slot machines for Indian players and international guests to enjoy the experience. They provide safety to your kids with the help of expert nannies’ service. You can organize a private party on the rooftop deck of the casino carnival. The entry fee varies from 1500 from Monday to Thursday to Rs 2000 for Friday to Sunday. The entry fee includes unlimited food and drinks to enhance your experience here.

5) Majestic Pride Casino

The Majestic Pride Casino is located at Mandovi River, Panjim, Goa. It is one of the best casinos in Goa, which provides you a revamped attractions and provide you jackpot games to earn more money. The casino will give you a royal experience with its fantastic interior design and attractive neon light. The casino is capable of accomodating 500 guests at a time. If you want to enjoy the royal experience of gaming in Goa, you undoubtedly must visit the majestic pride casino.

Majestic Pride

The gaming option provides by this casino ranges from the choice of Indian to international players and includes games like slot machines, Wheel of fortune, Roulette, Blackjack, and more. They provide an entertaining experience to their guest by organizing different events like Dj nights and live dance performances. Additionally, it has multi-cuisine restaurants which offer excellent food and have a dedicated play area for gamers to keep them engage with a memorable experience.


6)Casino Palms

 If you want to enjoy the gaming experience with a relaxing vibe, Casino Palms will be your most preferred choice. If you plan to visit Goa with your family and spend some quality time at the beach and enjoy the gaming experience, we consider you the top choice. This casino provides a wide range of games, including poker, Mini flush, blackjack, roulette, and many more.

Casino Palm

If you are staying in La Calypso, the in-house casino of this hotel is casino palm. They also have excellent multi cuisines restaurants that provide delicious flavours of cuisine from different parts of India.

7) Casino Paradise

If you are searching for a luxurious casino in Goa. In that case, the list will be incomplete without the mention of Casino Paradise, as the name suggests that this casino is heaven for players because of its beautiful interior and fantastic gaming experience. They provide you with the latest and new casino game to enhance your experience.

Casino Paradise

You can enjoy as many games as you want here. The list of games includes exclusive games like robotic arm baccarat and  Digital roulette stations along with regular games like blackjack, mini flush, slot, and more. The casino paradise is one of the best hotels in Goa which have deluxe rooms equipped with many facilities. So if you really enjoy playing casino games, casino paradise will be the best selection for you. The entry fee at this casino is Rs 1000 per person with unlimited food and non-alcoholic drinks.

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8) Chances Casino

They are the trendsetter of onshore casinos in Goa. It is located in Dona Paula, Panjim and is the in-house casino of is a 5-star boutique hotel. They provide you with classic games with amazing views of the surrounding. The casino offers you a wide range of gaming options, including games like slot games, American Roulette, mini-baccarat, digital roulette, blackjack, and more.

Chances Casino

The casino has two restaurants named pan Asian restaurant and Goldrush; with their help, they provide free dinner to the guests. The experience will be unique, and you can’t think to over this trip any day. The entry fee in chances casino is Rs 750 on regular days but gets increase to Rs 2,000 in peak season.

9) Crown Casino

While the crown casino is recently started and the newest Casino on our list but it is growing rapidly in the casino industry. The Casino is situated in the house of the crown hotel, which is one of the top-rated 5- star hotels of north Goa and is in collaboration with SOL Entertainment Pvt Ltd. You can get the wide option for different games like Roulette, Black Jack, Baccarat, Poker, and many more.

Crown Casino Goa

The glass used in the walls helps the guest to enjoy the view of the Mandovi River while playing. It also offers delicious food with the assistance of two in-house restaurants, which are named Harbor Cafe and Hanging Garden, respectively. The Casino has something for every player, whether you opt for traditional or digital gaming style. The entry fee in the crown casino is Rs 1000 per person.

10) Dunes- The Casino

Dunes-The casino provides you best range of games and claims to be the only casino in Goa that is located on land. The game option includes some demanding games like Poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and others. The casino is equipped With 154 guestrooms and also boasts of the longest swimming pool in Goa. They also provide you with some additional benefits, such as a unisex beauty salon and spa. They also provide entertaining activities such as pool and table games. It attracts male gamblers at night, and female guests prefer to visit in the daytime. The entry fee of this casino is Rs. 700.

Dunes Casino Goa

11)Casino Strike

It is one of the largest on-shore inhouse casinos Located at Grand Hyatt. The casino strike is considered the best casino in goa because of its grand and gaming room, giving you a world-class experience. The casino offers you games that include you engaged for hours with Roulette, Baccarat, Black Jack, etc. The casino provides you with top-class drinks and fantastic food. It allows you to enjoy the casino experience as you are in Las Vegas. The entry fee from Monday to Thursday is Rs 200 and INR 2,500 on Friday & Sunday.

12) Big Daddy Jetty Casino

This casino provides the various game to attract the players of different ages and the games list include Baccarat, Roulette, different types of poker, Indian Flush, Texas Hold’em, etc. The casino is situated at Mandovi river and VIP lounges which can enhance your gaming experience, but to enjoy games at VIP lounges, you need to make a booking in advance.

Additionally, you enjoy the world cuisine here, and it also has dedicated kids are which allow children to play a different game and to make the experience more delightful for you. It also has events like Dj night and performances by national and international performers. The entry fee is 2000 rs from Monday to Thursday and Rs 3500 from Friday to Sunday!

13)Grand 7 Casino

The casino is situated in Candolim Beach and one of the most popular casinos in Goa. Grand 7 casino is in the house casino of O’ Hotel and offers huge game varieties like slot machines and games like Mini Flush, Roulette, Blackjack, etc. It provides a gaming experience with delicious cuisine and drinks at this casino. You can also enjoy different artist performances and program like DJs night along with gaming. You can also meet few Indian celebrities at Grand 7 casino as they visit this casino on a regular basis. The entry fee at grand seven casino starts from Rs 1500 and increases depending on the package of your choice.

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14) Casino Dice

When you think about the best casino in Goa, casino dice is the most obvious choice. It is an in-house casino of hotels Owned by the Intercontinental group and owned by them. It is the largest and famous casino in Goa. If you want to enjoy a royal experience while gambling, this will be the best choice you can make. The casino offers many appealing games like Baccarat, Digital Blackjack, and more.

They provide you world-class cuisines and international drinks along with a gaming experience. They provide live dance performances and music along with international artists. The entry fee of casino dice starts at Rs 1500.

 15 )Treasures Casino

If you are looking to enjoy the cloudy evening or starry night at Goa with your favorite casino games, treasure casino will be one of the best options for you. The casino offers you popular games like slot machines, Black Jack, Poker, Roulette, etc. The casino offers you a wide range of slot machine games that can keep you engage for a long time. Majorda Beach Resort owns the Treasure casino, and the entry fee of this casino is an average of Rs 1500.

Pros and Cons of Playing at Best Casino in Goa


  1.  You will enjoy the real-time gaming experience
  2. You can win a jackpot prize, and your travel expenses can be cover
  3. They have a dedicated team of service experts to keep you engaged
  4. You can play without any fear because gambling is legal in Goa


  1.  The casino games are highly addictive, and you might not explore the city well.
  2. You might end up in bankruptcy condition.
  3. You might not play it anytime as it will depend on casino opening and closing time.
  4. If you are shy to face the crowd, then it will be a problem for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the range of entry fee is the best casino in Goa?

A: The range of entry fees varies from one casino to another casino in Goa, but generally, it moves around on an average of 1000-1500 Rs. It can increase depending upon the preferred choice of casino and the day of the week.

Q: Which is the best casino in Goa?

Goa gives you a wide range of options when it comes to casinos. However, we provided you the list mentioned above of the best casino in Goa, which is unique in its own way and have specific features that make them stand out of the crowd. The public also called this city gamblers paradise because they provide a unique royal experience to people engaging in gaming activity.

Q: Why Mostly casinos in Goa is built on water?

A: Most of the casinos in Goa are on river casino, which provides a fantastic view to the guest visiting it. The main reason behind this is to restrict the geographical and economic attempt of gambling.


Goa is home to many casinos, and gambling is legal in this state. Therefore, you can enjoy the las vegas gaming experience by sitting at the casino of Goa, and that’s why the city is also known as a gambler’s paradise. We have provided you all the information about the top 15 casinos, which is a must-visit if you love to play casino games. They will keep engaging with varieties of options, and you will have memorable experiences there. Additionally, we also have included some pros and cons, which you need to know before you start, along with the answers to most asked questions to make everything crystal clear for you.


We have provided you with an extensive list of the best casino in Goa that will improve your gaming experience and enjoy your day the most. If your budget allows you to visit any casino cruise, then I need to mention that you will be going to the best gambling experience along with delicious foods and some international malts and drinks. So If you are planning a holiday in Goa, we have given you the best option. So, don’t miss it and enjoy the best gaming experience in the city!


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