10 Tips In Playing Online Casino Games Safely4 min read

When you decide to take the step to playing online casino games, you might get worried. The online world is not exactly well-known for being the best place ever. When in social media there is scamming, bullying, and downright hate. 

So, somewhere you are actually spending money online might seem terrifying. However, you do not need to worry, if you follow our 10 tips on how to play online casinos safely, you will be just fine! 

10 Tips

#1. Always Choose Licensed Casinos.

Firstly, you should always ensure that you choose a licensed casino. It can be easy to overlook licensing when you are looking into a casino. It might look stylish and awesome, with hundreds of games, and big bonuses. 

The issue with unlicensed casinos is that once you deposit to make winnings, the site will show its evil nature, and it may accuse you of irresponsible gambling, breaking their rules, or may just make excuses not to pay you. 

These are scams, and all you need to do to avoid this is check for a license.

#2. Always read The Ts & Cs

Even licensed casinos can be awful, but they get away with it because of the terms and conditions agreement. We tend to skim read these, or ignore them entirely. 

Always pay attention to them, as there may be some small print with ridiculous rules that will deny you your winnings. 

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#3. Encrypted Payments Are Safe Payments

Even when there is no sly behavior on the part of the casino, it is still wise to use encrypted payment methods. Some payment methods are better than others, and will protect your money better. 

A good bank will not give your personal information out willy-nilly, and will keep your data safe. 

Cryptocurrency has become big recently in the gambling world because it will not disclose any personal information, and the blockchain is super secure, so no matter what… you are safe.

#4. Avoid Any Suspicious Bonuses

Casinos will always be advertising. And some will offer you an incredible bonus, some may offer unrelenting awards. 

Just remember, most of these are not even real companies, only a few are, so always do your research before you say ‘yes’ to any of them.

Just remember, if it sounds too good to be true… it probably is. 

#5. Invites Vs Phishing

Phishing is those messages that seem to be safe on a surface level. This can be an invite or bonus. However, if you click on the kink then you get spammed and end up unintentionlly downloading a computer virus. 

They can also use this to steal data, money, and blackmail you. Get an anti malware software to help protect you from this.

#6. Only Ask Customer Service

If you have an issue with your casino, always be sure to use the contact information at the casino website to ask for help. If you do not receive a response as fast as you would like, do not ask people online. 

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So many can be scammers, and when it comes to money, just avoid third party involvement, unless the casino straight up refuses to pay you! 

#7. Only Play With Your SPARE Funds

Do not go betting with your whole paycheck, you should only be investing what you can afford to put into your gaming when it does not affect your life savings, and ability to afford rent, utilities, groceries and so on. 

If it’s just your spare change, you won’t be too upset if you lose. 

#8. Make Sure It’s Legal.

You should only gamble if you are of legal age to do so, it is a criminal offense to do so if you are not over age. Similarly, you should check if online casinos are legal in your state. They are not legal in every state or country, so always check beforehand to be safe!

#9. Hobby Not Addiction

Gambling can easily be addictive, this is why you should ensure that you stay in control of your gambling habits. You should have a plan, set limits, schedule and budget what you will spend and how much time you will play. 

When it becomes uncontrolled it becomes a problem.

#10. Play Because It’s Fun.

We all want to win the jackpot and cash out big, but you should be playing because it is enjoyable and fun, not just for the money. When you start playing for the money and getting overinvested in the financial aspect, it can teeter into addiction very fast. 

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