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Top 10 Features Of Monopoly Market

Are you looking forward to playing some board games? If yes, then why don’t you try the Monopoly board game. This is one of the popular games that has been a favourite of innumerable people across the globe. The amazing features of Monopoly will let your mind be active while having fun. 

It is an interesting game but can turn frustrating if it lasts for long and then you finally lose it. Do you want to know how to ace the game so you don’t lose it? If yes, then be here till the end and you will get tips and tricks on how to master Monopoly board games. 

What Is Monopoly Game

Features Of Monopoly: What is a Monopoly Game?

Monopoly is known to be a real-estate board game that can be played by 8 or fewer players. It is a worldwide distinguished game that gives you a room of entertainment while gathering. When the game will start each of the players has to decide on a token that will represent them throughout the game. After that roll, the dice move on, and when you land on property buy it if you wish.  

Remember to equally divide the money among all the players and then start the game. Also, choose a banker for your game who can handle all the cards and extra bank money. A banker might be someone from the game or an outsider too. All you need to do is buy as many properties as you can, collect the rent, build houses and hotels to multiply rent and move forward. 

There is no certain time limit feature of Monopoly but you can set it to make the game more interesting. The most fascinating feature of the game is making a monopoly. If you have all the properties in the same colour you have made a monopoly. It is a very powerful technique to win the game.

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features of Monopoly

Top 10 Features Of Monopoly To Win Game? 

If you want to win and ace the features of Monopoly you must bankrupt all your opponents as soon as possible, before they do the same with you. With each move, you put forward remember to use perfect tactic and steps to ensure that you beat your hostiles. Fortune is also a factor that can oversee your winning chances, but trying hard can change fate too. To ensure your every direction is straightforwardly correct, here are a few steps to maximize the chances of winning. 

1. Concentrate on buying properties as much as you can:

When players start the game they don’t buy properties and keep moving ahead. This is the worst strategy as per Monopoly experts. The experts say that you must buy as many properties as you can to ace the game. Chances are there that you can go bankrupt and get out of the game but chances are highest that you will bankrupt other players and win the game. People generally ignore lower properties and end up losing. Remember, that low properties may give you a high income. 

2. Concentrate more on buying red and orange coloured properties:

Going with experts you can assume that most of the time the player lands up in orange or red properties. If you buy them, then the chances of you getting rent from others increases. Illinois Avenue, Tennessee Avenue and New York Avenue are the prominent places where players mostly land up. And these are also the best monopolies that can help you bankrupt your opponents. If you own most of the red and orange properties, you have a massive chance to win.

3. Never focus on saving money:

Saving money sounds interesting in real life but not in games like Monopoly. Here according to features of monopoly, money in your bank will not do anything good to you. Also, saving money might make you end up having no property. Instead, invest in properties to get a return of it in the form of rents. If you save money in the bank, the banker in Monopoly won’t pay you any interest. So better invest it in properties and building hotels or houses. 

4. Don’t prefer buying utilities:

You may be amused to know this, but yes you must not buy many utilities. This may sound foolish to you but it is an expert’s opinion. Utilities like roads and railways have no option to build anything on them making you get very low rent. All you can do is buy as many as coloured properties you can. Buying coloured properties gives you an option to build anything on them leading to an increase in rent. 

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5. Start developing hotels and houses as soon as possible:

There is a rule to maximize the rent intake from your opponents and this is the rule of three. You must first build three houses and then quickly build three hotels. This will help maximize the rent. Experts say that you must move to build other things only after you have built three houses and after that three hotels. When you are done developing all three houses, aim to develop hotels and after that, you will see a significant rise in rent amount.

6. Later in the game don’t desperately look to move out of jail:

It may look crazy to you but is exactly true that you must not desperately try to move out of jail. If in the game you end up losing money and fall into jail, don’t try to move out of jail. As moving out of it can make you lose the game by paying rents to others. So if you are running out of money you don’t need to lose more money by giving it to others.  This seems to be a foolish move but actually, it is a smart move.

7. Try creating a shortage of houses: 

A well-known rule of the game is creating a scarcity of houses in the game. You have in total 32 houses to place on the board and if all of them are occupied there is no other way to acquire them. Therefore buy as many houses as you can quickly without giving a second thought to make your opponent fall to the ground. If you have one or two monopolies and no one has that then you must do this to ensure winning. If you have all 32 houses no one in the game will have anything to buy and you will ace the game. 

8. Play smartly and learn dice rolls:

You must know all the features of the monopoly including the probabilities of landing on a place. There are certain fixed probabilities that you might land upon particular spaces while you roll the dice. Remember that the probabilities of combination on the dice being 7 is the greatest and chances of getting 2 and 12 are least. Generally, it takes 5 to 6 rolls to around the board, you will land on any four of the property spaces out of 28. In moving around the board you may at least get one chance to double rolls. 

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9. Carefully use trading to get benefits:

Remember trading is one of the beneficial features of Monopoly. But you must use it wisely to achieve success. Keep an eye on the property that your opponents wish you to buy. If you own that property you can sell them and you will get a profit. But yes, don’t sell it if you can face a loss or you have a monopoly on it. Never break the monopoly of red and orange colour as it could make you face loss. You can always exchange pink properties. Also if given a choice between buying all orange properties or pink one, always choose orange. Before trading, see if it will be beneficial to you and does it give you a monopoly?

10. Be aware of all the cards in the game:

Another feature of monopoly that can turn around the situation is chest and community cards. Keep track of your and your opponent’s cards to have an idea of what will happen when you draw a card. Before you start to play, analyze all the cards and their outcomes. The monopoly set includes 16 chance cards. These chance cards can probably make you shift your place on board. Also, there are 2 cards that give you money 2 cards that take away money, a card that brings you money from building holders and another one to make you move out of the jail free. 

Out of 16 community chest cards, 9 will give you money as a benefit and three of them will take your money. And the rest are the same as the chance cards. 


Monopoly and the features of Monopoly are now loved by people around the globe. People prefer playing in the house every now and then. This game might last for hours and at times for days. So it is very important that you play with tactics to finish the game early and make it enjoyable. Follow all the tricks mentioned above to ace the game of Monopoly. 

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